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The gameplay is a lot of fun, and the music is good, but This game feels like it needs more work for this pc version to not make people uninstall after just 5 minutes. I played it through the itch app, which i did not realise this was a browser game before or during recording, but the fullscreen was kinda janky. Either squishing or expanding the screen unnecessarily, which I understand would operate differently in the app version you're aiming for, so more of a gripe on the PC build than what could potentially wind up in the final product.

My only other complaint is if you know that selecting a level past 4 will result in a crash, why are the buttons there let alone coded already if there's nothing past that click? It's a little unnecessary right now in the games development. Probably a good idea to instead go to the coding for those buttons and comment out the coding so it just doesn't do anything and you still have your code for later use.

All in all, it's a fun little game that I look forward to playing again on my phone once it's out. I made a video, I hope you enjoy!

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Thank you so much for playing the game! It always helps to see how other people approach the levels and where things can be improved. 

I do realize I should've disabled the other level buttons until they were done, though I'll be uploading a new build with up to level 5 (or 6 if I can get it done today) and with an updated first level that forces you to learn the dash in the game in the next hour. <D We're all surprised you managed to make level 2 at the end without dashing.

I should add a temporary message that F is your dash for the PC version so that if people play it on the PC they know. I'll also change the number font since I realized as well that that 0 looks like it's an 8, thankfully should be a quick change.

And unfortunately the PC version is a bit weird with the camera style we're using for it and it creates black borders if the resolution is different, I genuinely don't have any idea why on the app it cut the resolution down since on the itch website it seems to cooperate alright, as well as on the phone (which is the main goal in the end).

Thank you again for taking the time to play the game and to record it. c: